Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Tattooed Tears

We cry for our youth, lost
beyond these pleasant shores
sent out to fight the shadows
in commitment to others’ laws.

As another flag draped coffin
sails down tear flooded streets,
one more community bows their heads
to the drum’s slow beat.

We’ve brought back so many brave hearts
in parts from foreign places
and shed so many tears we feel
they’re tattooed on our faces.

Brought back so many brave hearts
so tender in their years
lost the ones we care for
and shed too many tears.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Home to Roost – Buckenham Marshes

Magnetic trees draw rook and jackdaw
from the lowering sky like iron filings,
drawn from the last rays of the setting sun
in raucous numbers
to the hub of their feeding grounds
on Norfolk’s flat lands.
Chattering,  jack  jack  jack
to and fro, cawing into the dark
as dead leaves rising up
returning life to winter trees,
shouting back their defiance
at their untimely demise.

Monday, 18 May 2015

as bad as each other

There’s a body in the garden
no, don’t call the police,
it’s half past eleven
it’s dad, he’s fast asleep.
Got back from a skinful
not made it to the door,
he’s fallen through the garden gate
and passed out on the floor.

A mistress in his pocket
a cuckoo in the nest
who gives a damn about the kids
who cares if they’re distressed.

When mum’s not on the sherry
she’s flirting with the boys
spending all dad’s money,
pawning all our toys.
Getting herself pregnant
dad was taken aback,
but as a poor, failed Catholic
she practised on her back.

A mistress in his pocket
a cuckoo in the nest,
so how the hell did all this mess
turn out for the best.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

April Acrostic

A rainbow through showery rain

Puts a smile on the world once again

Rays of sunshine warm cold earth and

In Spring’s first flush of rebirth

Life breaks Winter’s chains.